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I test my 9V batteries with my tongue

May 2 2012 at 10:05 PM

Falcon67  (Login Falcon67)
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Response to Embarrassing Admissions

When I get a cut in the shop, I clean it with Berrymans and wrap it in a rag. Tried it on cold sores too - doesn't work. When I was a kid, I used to challenge friends with shots of cider vinegar. When my back itches, I get my wife to buff it with emory cloth. I have hit my finger with a hammer in the presence of children and not said a bad word.

So maybe it's only natural that the pieces for the next motor would be a leftover rebuilder 351W block, a long arm crank, some pistons that allow for a C head, those extra bare 4V closed chambers under the bench, an impulse eBay 351C tunnelram purchase, a pile of misc 650 DP Holley parts from years of swap meets, some kind of home brew spacer and all the other attendant one off pieces. No, never dealt with multiple carburation. Nah, I don't expect any problems....other than the obvious. Sure, I could run down to Tommy Vaughn Motors and pick up a 300 or 400HPish small block that would be in and running in less time than the 12 hours it took to go pick it up. Well - I say where's the fun in that. I do know it'll be fun to puzzle it all out and talk about it here, then eventually romp on down the road with it. It's all good! Enjoy your ride George, be thankful for it and the time to spend in it.

1967 Falcon 4 door 351C-4V
1970 Mustang 351C-2V
Owner built, owner abused.

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