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Tunnel Ram Questions Offy Specific

May 6 2012 at 6:33 PM

Michael Howard  (Login mtburger)
from IP address

Hello All.

I have some questions related to the Offenhauser Turbo Thrust tunnel ram, the plenum, and the Offy Individual Runner adapters.

The offy documentation is very specific that you should not modify the plenum, and I understand why they would put that in print, but the center divider just does not look like it is the "hot" set up, and in comparison to newer technology, just does not look quite right.

My opinion is based on what I have see being sold these days, and that all the sheet metal tunnel rams have open plenums.

The engine has closed chamber iron heads, stock stroke, .030 over, 10:5-1 compression, and the cam is a Comp Cams grind number 300-1/310-1 s106 with an Edelbrock Torker on it. The engine is in a 95 Mustang GT with a top loader and 3.73 gears.

I am thinking of swapping to the T/R set up and would like some first hand input.

What I am very interested in knowing is, does anyone have any experience using the Offy 6040 I-R adapters that replace the plenum all together, and what were your impressions and result?

Thanks much, Mike H.

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