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WOW! I am heavy!

May 22 2012 at 3:59 AM

FastE  (Login Mr.Eds)
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Went to the track Saturday for some fun. Was a strange night all together.
The local track was running "Old school back half" cars and Xstreme 275 drag radials (I don't run either of those just test and tune for my own fun). Anyway they had the scales set up sooooo what the hey! I put my old gal on the scales and HOLLY COW! She really is a cow!In street trim with me in it and 1/2 tank of fuel,3760lbs! 185LBS was my fat butt! I would have never thought it was that heavy. I guess my little C is really doing pretty well for what it is. May be time to do some freshening up and inspection.It is running great,just seems to be slowing by a couple of tenths since Febuary.
The strange part of the night goes back to what we were discusing a few weeks ago about cars over powering tires / traction. It seems to be getting crazy out there. Way more power than the tires peaple are running. I know it is a test to see who can go fast consistantly on a limited tire but at what piont does the fun and safety go away? Reminds me of the sixties and the old AA/ Alterds running.They just barely go straight. Some of these cars just cannot stay in the groove and go straight.
Saw one Mustang take out the timers on a by run it was just skating across the track.A few rounds later a beautiful 67/68 Camaro 10.5 car barreled roll after kissing the gaurd rail and cutting a rear tire. It was no cheap thrown together car either! At what point do you stop? I went home after that. I guess I am the old guy now, just does not look like alot of fun when you are messing with your safety and health.
Last I heard the driver is going to be OK. It was a 131mph barrel roll. I will stick to my old heavy slow cow, no preasure just fun.

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