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May 22 2012 at 7:37 PM

George Pence  (Login gpence)
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Response to The Importance of Getting the Lobe Separation Right

Quote: "115 degrees LCA for a large port, large valve, engine is very wide and comes at a price."

that's a good comment Dan, and one I'd like to use to help me make a point about my Cobra Jet spec cam that I've not made quite as well before.

If the most possible power is a persons goal, my camshaft is not the one to select, nobody would get an argument from me on that point. I hope Ive never lead anyone to believe otherwise. As Ive warned over and over, my camshafts are not for everyone.

It should make sense to everybody that if the torque curve is widened, flattened and made more gradual then the peak and average power numbers are not going to be as big. That seems like common sense to me.

With street cams there is a trade-off to be made (price to be paid) in one performance characteristic or another, no matter which LCA is chosen. My performance goals are not the same as Vizards (best power over a certain power band) and so it should be no surprise that the LCA Ive chosen is not the same LCA that would be recommended in his story.

My camshaft is not designed arbitrarily. The valve events, the amount of overlap, the lobes Ive chosen and the timing I chose for those lobes are all exactly what I wanted them to be, for very specific reasons. Whatever trade-offs are made are made intentionally and knowingly with the purpose of obtaining the performance characteristics that I feel are most important for the daily driver application.

But Im excited by the lobes that are available today this cam is a far better performing cam than the cams I had ground to this same spec 30 years ago. For what it is designed to do, Im quite pleased with the results. This camshaft is a far hotter street cam than anything the factory ever manufactured. I don't have to make apologies for how it performs, it acquits itself amazingly well.


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