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New Casting

June 1 2012 at 8:13 AM
Don  (Login Precision_Transmission)
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Response to sounds promising...

Where do you get the idea that the hard part has been done? Once the design work is finished, the hard part is only beginning. Pattern making is a very tricky and involved process. Not only a pattern must be made, but also joint board, and core boxes. Then, the size and location of the chills needs to be determined, and that is a trial and error process. Experience helps, but doesn't work every time.

If the foundry pattern drawings can be located, or better yet, the original patterns and core boxes, that would make things much easier. But don't fool yourself, it's no walk in the park.

I have made many patterns, core boxes, etc. in the past for reproduction parts. Got the finished product as perfect as I possibly could and sent samples out to the appropriate sellers only to have the distributors and retailers tell me there was no market for that part. Interestingly enough, they usually started selling the same item, of much lower quality, within several months but sourced from offshore.

If you're going to do this, line up all your customers first, have them invest in the product development, be clear that it could fail and the investment lost, and see how big the lineup gets.

Your biggest competition will be those selling adapter plates to mount the 351C manifold to 4V heads on the raised block.

I would say a minimum of 30 manifolds, 50 would be even better.

Pattern costs, tooling costs, etc. will need to be spread over the production run.

If you are still interested, lets talk.


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