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So is there a "trick" to get Moly rings to seat?

June 15 2012 at 7:59 AM
Bob  (Login rentwist)
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I should have known better and stuck with good old cast, but since it was a fresh .030" overbore with a nice cylinder finish I put the first type of Moly Sealed Power rings in my engine (there is more than one grade as I recall/discovered after I bought them). The other day I noticed my oil pressure was not as high as it usually is. Then I noticed my noisy valvetrain (B302 valve covers seem to amplify valvetrain noise) was a little noiser than usual.

Checked the oil and was horrified (and mad at myself for not checking it sooner, checked a couple of weeks ago before Carlisle and it was fine) to find the oil was down over 2 quarts! Barely reading on the stick! And dirty! Can't be more than 1500 miles on it since changed, 20W-50 with ZDDP Plus.

Changed the oil and all is well but I am pissed that I can't seem to get these rings to seat.

Valve covers have the correct baffles in them.

Anyone have any tricks/advice or just live and learn to stick with cast rings?


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