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cleveland powered street stock questions

June 19 2012 at 5:53 PM
73torino17  (Login 73torino17)
from IP address

I am running a 73 torino geared 670 total and weighing 3860. The car is finally getting competitive, but needs help getting off the corner better. I am not having any grip issues, the motor just feels too flat off the corner.
race rpm is 4500-5600. This is a 4412 class
I am running old trw 2348 pistons with closed chamber 4v heads and a comp 280h cam. I am thinking that putting on a set of 2v heads might help this problem, but hate to give up the compression, and dont know if or how much hp I will be losing.

I have also thought about gearing it steeper, as this is what it feels like it needs, but hate to turn it any harder than needed. All of the other gm cars (that all meet the 3400 lb min) are geared 650, and get off the corner just fine.

any other 351c dirt trackers out there?

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