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still need to lose weight some how

June 25 2012 at 10:37 PM
Bill  (Login pewterboss351)
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Response to overweight

I have not seen your car, but if the guy who keeps beating you weighs 3400 pounds he will continue beating you. the only thing keeping you close is the power output of your engine.
with him weighing about 500 less than you do. he can corner better, his car will accelerate better, assuming similar power output. the small block chevy engine is been highly developed engine , more developement work have been done on it than any other engine.
I ran a 72 gran torino sport fastback when i raced, these cars are huge and weigh alot , no doubt about it. can you get the weight down to 3400 pounds, i dont know , but i had mine down to 3500, without touching the frame , we had to weigh 3600, yes i had to add weight. so i think theres room to remove more weight from your car. without seeing your car and your rules i cant tell you.
as far as weight between a 351 cleveland and a small block chevy i think the numbers are skewed somehow . but i dont have a small block chevy to weigh , but i don know this for comparison the blocks weigh about the same , but on the 351 cleveland the crank, the rods , the pistons, the heads the intake, all weigh more than a small block chevy. other parts like oil pan valve coves and stuff like that would probably be close to a wash. so please tell me how a small block chevy can weigh more than a 351 cleveland. no disrespect , it just cant! you said losing weight and adding power made a big differance, thats what you need to do is lose more weight, and add more power. a torino frame is heavy but it isnt that much if any heavier than the old chevy frames of years ago, yes heavier than the current metric frames the chevies use now. i never used the radator support, made radator mounts , fender mounts. and hacked the cowl of the car. got rid of all the extra weight in the roof panels. the floor pan. the windshiel post, front and rear door jams
brackets off the frame. made my own tanny mounts. and probably 100s of little things.
but i dont know your rules , but i am sure you can remove more weight.
yes racing can be rough. but my car was tough , yes it was in some bumps, one night ripped the passenger door skin completely off the car. the car held up fine.
to get the last bit out of your car you need to work on the weight. period
because your car is caring to much weight compared to its competitors.
if you decide to build a new car. start out with a newer crown vic like an old cop car, i think its called a panther chassis. and then mount a like weight skin like a mid 80 thunderbird body on it.
you can install 2v heads on your engine .or to a set of aussie heads to keep your compression.
this will probably put your pressure to high. as aussie heads will bump your compression up a little more.
like i said in my first post find a 70 or 71 square bore intake. hog out your exhaust manifolds add some collectors on your exhaust manifolds. get a worked over carb. and like i said call lunati, and order you a new cam. buy the time you do all the swaping to 2v heads, ie having them rebuilt, and stuff like that you could have a new custon ground cam that should work wonders.

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