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Race fuel

July 31 2012 at 10:28 PM
Dave  (Login rancherodave)
from IP address

Hey guys so as you all know I have a 410 Cleveland stroker in my 72 ranchero and ever since I had it built I had to run race fuel. What I normally run is Sunoco 110 the purple stuff and the car runs excellent on it but it is very expensive at 8.99 a gallon. Also there is another station in my area which is not a Sunoco station and they sell the blue 112 stuff. I noticed that when I switch to the 112 stuff the motor runs a bit rougher at idle but when you get into it it runs like a scalded dog. It also runs like a scalded dog on the 110 but you could diffently notice the difference with the two extra octane points. To get the motor to idle correctly I have to adjust the idle mixture and the throttle stop, is it normal that the idle will change with the two extra octane points? I also wonder how old the gas is in their tanks with the 112 because sometimes when I am just crusin at 2500rpm's I get a little break up studdering but when I get into it it is all there with no breakup or studdering. One last thing, when I rev the motor in park I get a little bit of white/ grey smoke out the tail pipes a few seconds after reving it. The motor also never burns any oil as the dip stick is always on the full line and the plugs are perfect with no oil fouling spots. Is it normal to get some smoke with leaded race gas I have also been told that it could be the motor kind of loading up at idle. I am also burning no coolant as that also never gets low. It is also a older 850 Holley with duel accelerator pumps and mechanical secondary's. Let me all know what you think.

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