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a couple of cams for a little monster

August 11 2012 at 10:22 AM

James K  (Login 351CRanger)
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Response to LETS DO IT!!!

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I have used the old Crane 364681 several times, but it is quite a bit nastier than what your stated goal is, Jim. In my experience, it makes max power right at 7,000, and max torque at nearly 5,500 RPM. With 1.73 rockers it has .597/.618 lift. Duration @ .050 is 244/252, and centers are 105/111. Gives about 440-465hp with good single plane intake, like the tall Roush, and with the Weiand Tunnel Ram.
The Crane 363841 is a nice cam for your stated goals. .553/.576, 238/248, 109/119. Not nearly as radical as the circle track cam above, but it has a wider powerband.
I have even tried the old Ford 351 solid M-6250-A333 cam in a Clevor, to see if the firing order switch made much difference. The specs are very similar to the 363841 Crane.
For the latest build of my B302, I went to Bullet for a custom grind solid, but it is really nasty. For the 308 Clevor I am currently working on, I am going to get a custom grind from Cam Research/MPG, as they are one of the few that still actually run these small cube beasts.
If you don't want to go the custom grind route, I think the 363841 Crane or A333 Ford would be good choices for what you want. They don't have all the latest advances, but they still work really well.
Just an opinion, but I would stay away from the factory intake. It will work okay in a near stock build, but you will get quite a bit better results with a B&A (street or track boss, depending on your wants), Roush, or Weiand Tunnel Ram. I assume you don't want a TR, but... I have not yet tried the Edelbrock Clevor intake, but if it runs true to form, it should be a fine choice up to 6,500+. I just can't see using a dual-plane on a B302, for anything over a stock build. The factory used one for the same reason they used one on the B429 & B351; to tame the beast for emissions, driveability and warranty issues. The B351 worked well with the factory intake, I admit, but certainly not to it's potential. And on the other two bosses, it was like a castration, almost. Opinions will vary, so take mine with whatever amount of salt you think appropriate. happy.gif

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