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You're thinking too hard.

March 28 2013 at 6:34 PM
Zach Roberts  (Login zrob90sc)
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Response to No offense

If you want boss 351 performance for a street car you can cross half that stuff off your list. Instead of fancy race parts spend that money on a good machinist. Use the blue thunder manifold. A good carburetor like a holley HP, Quickfuel or BG. Stock crank and rods. Prep the rods well. Buy a good set of forged pistons like probe or srp. Have the assembly balanced well. Have the crank ground for proper clearances. Check the decks but don't go crazy on the mill, 10:1-10.5:1 is plenty of compression. 10.5:1 is enough for 500hp. If you have crappy gas available stay closer to 10:1. With the heads don't pay someone to port them, for a street car thats a waste of money. If you want to do it yourself have at it. For rockers, mill the heads for 7/16 studs. Harland sharp rockers have proven themselves over and over. Ferrea makes excellent valves. For flat tappet a 5000 series is fine. If you want to an aggressive roller use the 6000 series. For under 7000rpm lightweight valvetrain isn't a necessity. Use a stiff pushrod. Get a good valve job on the heads. Headers, if you're on a budget get some hooker/hedman 1 3/4 headers and "customize" them with a hammer. If you got the cash get the fancy ones but be aware that some expensive headers still have to be "customized". Most importantly for a street car, have someone who knows clevelands grind you a cam. Have them set you up with springs/retainers. George has some awesome street grinds from bullet. Top that off with the proper rear gear/cooling system and enjoy.

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