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Ok who has suffered Cleveland cylinder wall failure???

August 14 2013 at 5:18 PM
Stevek  (Login steve.k)
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While we have talked about nearly every aspect of this engine have we all encountered the cylinder walls splitting?TorinoPat has got my curiosity up now on cylinder failures.I will start with my own experience, I have not cracked any 351c blocks that had not been caused by something else. The first one was over rev kiss the valve and good by cylinder! That was block no.1! The next was base plate in carb screw let loose fell in to no.3 and jammed piston hard and boom cracked top to bottom. The next was 400 block bored .030 over was not sonic tested and was 408 cubes. Ran fine for two years then started dumping water in pan. No.8 was split on outside part of block. That engine dynoed at 551. The last 436 stroker ended up dumping coolant from a split deck which was caused from improper installation of liners. Jury is still out whether these liners were actually needed. It will be interesting to hear if you guys have had trouble in this area! If indeed you suffered a failure from poor cylinders or other failures caused the cylinder to give out. It is known that a hearty block such as bbf, Dart Windsor,fe blocks can suffer a failure at keep the cylinder intact. This in most cases doesn't happen usually with this motor. However I think we had a post on this earlier this week. Lets hear the stories boys! Did your sleeve let loose from something failing or from weakness! I have talked with Paul Jenkins and while he never said he busted cylinders I would imagine he has. But he did tell me his blocks were stock blocks filled and prepared by himself. He may have had xe blocks at one time but never mentioned it. Also if something else fails and takes cylinder can that really be classed as a weakness? In the snowmobile world it happens regularly ? Let me know!

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