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August 20 2013 at 5:46 PM

George Pence  (Login gpence)
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Response to Re: Wow ! Bet your fun at a party!!!

Condolences Steve. That's a bummer.

That's an amazingly large hole in the side of your motor, the rod & piston remained intact, and they took out a whole side of a cylinder wall instead. Factory valves? Forged pistons? Did the rods big end remained attached to the crank journal? Were the rod nuts still tight?

I know a Pantera guy whose son did a tune-up on the motor, in the process he unknowingly crossed two plug wires. When the Pantera owner took the car on a test drive after the tune-up he noticed it was running "rough" and figured the engine needed to be "blow-out". So he pressed the accelerator pedal to the floor ... and blew the crankshaft into the oil pan, and left pieces laying in the road behind him.

Condolences again.


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