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Block Filler questions.

September 1 2013 at 3:55 PM
Pat  (Login torinopat)
from IP address

Per my original post about building a Clevor. I want to make sure that I don't leave any stones unturned here. If I can Use a cleveland block and get what I need, It would be cheaper and easier for me to do so.

I need to keep this motor streetable. I want to be able to sell this car some day and streetable cars sell a lot better that race cars do.

How much can I fill the block and still circulate enough water to keep the motor cool, yet get the cyl support that I need. I understand that most heat is created in the heads. But I have also read posts on other forums that after filling blocks, people have had trouble with cooling. Any thoughts on this? I have a large 2 row aluminum radiator, and a Mazire electric pump now. No cooling issues with my current motor, even when "hot lapped"

I have also read that filled blocks will cause your oil temps to run hot. Will I need to run an oil cooler?

A lot of the info that was presented in my last post pertained to early pro stock work. Racing chassis, motor plates, etc. My chassis is basically a stock eliminator chassis. I use bolts factory motor mounts. Can anyone comment on how effective the filled block is when used in a mostly stock chassis?

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