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September 2 2013 at 12:48 PM

tinman  (Login tinman351)
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Response to Re: Is degreeing REALLY necessary?

after I started posting to this thread I saw the other... just set up the timing set at '0' and find what the ICL (Intake Center Line) is and go from there. if the ICL comes up as 112*, you want to set the timing set in the + position. if it comes up @ 110*, still go to the + position and you'll be waiting for 2* chain stretch to get you to 108*

yes you need to consider the 'stacking' of component variation, sometimes they will cancel each other out, other times they'll stack enough to cause you to make an adjustment... no big deal it's just which key slot you use

some valve timing events aren't as critical as others as George points out, the exhaust close & intake determine overlap. you can't change the amount of overlap but you can control to some degree (no pun intended) where the overlap is centered. 6* to a certain valve event can be somewhat of a deal breaker, otherwise they would've ground the cam that way in the first place

give it a shot, set up the degree process & play with it until it starts making sense. there are several tutorials as you may have already found out in the 'net box

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