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Were movin on up.. to

September 3 2013 at 8:02 AM

blizz  (Premier Login blizzardND)
from IP address

Response to Release the crack'n!! n/m

Check it out, log in, lets spend this week or so fine tuning..

After this week, I'll be disabling posting here, and this forum will be saved as a perpetual storage vault of information. I will continue to pay for it and keep it pop up ad free, but it was time to move ahead with a more modern platform.

It was not without much trepidation, I check into this old 119419 net 54 Forum about 20 times a day, as I have for the last 5 years or so as owner, and before that, like many of you members that check in several time a day before that.

She's been a good old hot rod, but the VBulletin site will help keep information more organized and perhaps more helpful for new members looking for an answer to the question that brought them to our forum in the first place.

Of course we wouldn't have a forum without all of you, your participation is the big thing that motivates me to invest in the change. So your input is relished and will be well received.

I set up a subforum there, right on top to discuss the new forum, what we could add, what should be combined, whatever you think. I'm just a car guy like you. I'm not a website developer, but I am learning new skillz every day when it come to this stuff.

Let me know, go there, create a new login, please use our same name as here, (I cannot transfer memberships sad.gif ) and let me know what you think..

see ya on the "other side"


ps if any of you out there are Vbulletin wizards I'd love some help with a couple of things.. email me.. ~blz, Just say no to multi groove keepers..

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