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I changed "D.I.L.L.I.G.A.S." to "DILLIGASDAVE" because......

September 3 2013 at 11:49 PM
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Response to Tomorrow Sept 3rd..

....I used D.I.L.L.I.G.A.S. on all my old net54 sites, and DILLIGASDAVE on most all of my new stuff.

Some people won't have a problem with the change and they will like it, and some will hate it, it can't be helped blizz. All you can do is make the move & see what happens.

The same thing happened when Chilly moved the old 460 forum from net54 to a new site, some liked it, and some bitched. You do loose some of the "down home" informal appearance of the single "all topic" main page setup like net54 has. But usually you gain more modern convinces on the newer sites (usually assorted stuff like private messaging & more extensive posting options).

The down side to Chilly's move from net54 to the new host was there were problems (for whatever reasons) and he then moved the site again from that host to a 3rd hosting site, aaaand then a short time later sold it. The new owners loaded the site up with regular banner adds, sub forums sponsored by advertisers. And worst of all the annoying associated "word pop-up" link ads that appear in someone's post text (words like "tire" "oil" "car" "alignment", or any damn word to link an add to). I don't use this current evolution of Chilly's 460 site much anymore ( Too many adds, and it kinda seems like fewer 460 knowledgeable people hang out there now (or maybe they are still there, but just spending less & less time there). And there are some people (for some stupid reason) that post their questions in the old site's archived sections, and then they get pissed when they don't get many answers. I thought the archives there were supposed to be locked to prevent this problem, but I guess not.

About the same time all this drama was unfolding at Chilly's 460 site during the moves/down times, a member there (Nick Bruno) started his own 460 site as a temp backup site to Chilly's site during it's down times. Only problem for Chilly was a bunch of people there ended up liking Nick's site better. It was a slightly simpler layout without all the annoying "word-pop" adds (

Blizz, I will say at first glance I do like the look of the new Cleveland site, but IMO it might have a smidge too many sub forums to keep track of (well, for my few remaining brain cells anyway). Maybe it could be pruned down just a little. Maybe an all inclusive "engine tech" page (like Chilly's or Nick's sites has) might be easier to keep track of then many different separate pages for "head" "intake" "bottom end" (etc, etc). Either way I will miss posting on the old site, and enjoy using the new one.

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