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Budget and video

September 7 2013 at 6:37 AM
Will  (Login pantera72)
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Response to "will"....what is your budget?

Hmmmm. By reasonable budget, I meant I dont have an open chequebook. I know at times when requesting suggestions, people will suggest items that are complete overkill for the project.
No sense buying a $3000 crank when I can find a cheaper crank that will handle the 900 hp.
Im hoping to build a turbo motor with 377-408 ci. Pistons and cam will be the last thing I buy in case I decide to go NA. In that case, it wont be 900hp. Maybe 650.
Why might things change? In case my life changes. I am a small business owner and every year is different. I also have 3 growing kids. So therefore the budget is not unlimited.
Im also keeping my eyes open for a complete new build that may come up for sale when someone cant go ahead with their project. I've seen some new pro built motors go for $9500 after they spent $13k. Not too common, but they come up.
Im hoping to get a build recipe and start to accumulate parts. Im a deal hunter. I just picked up a new FRP block for about 65% of new cost. Just made a deal for a set of yates heads (I hope they'll work for my combo). No hurry. I currently have a stroker cleve and that keeps a smile on my face in the meantime.
Btw, here's a video of a launch from an open 1/2 mile race I was at a couple of weeks ago. Winner was a Lambo Aventador followed by a couple of twin Porches. Thats's why I want twin turbo's wink.gif

Yes my shifts were slow. Its not a drag car and the transaxle is quite expensive so I made sure the shifts were positive.
Have a good weekend guys and thanks for any build info you might be able to share.

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