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its not that hard to decide..

September 10 2013 at 8:26 AM

blizz  (Premier Login blizzardND)
from IP address

Response to Yes, I noticed.

As I wash over the whole thread with the mouse for copy, I'm deciding where it should go, then I just click to the second monitor that has them listed all right there... double click on the sub forum to open the one I want, and click the new topic and paste it in.

Most of them I edit out some of the trash that comes with the copy/paste like the edit delete reply line after every post, I'll sometimes wash out the IP address and member status line for the poster's name and many times clear out the poster's signature line too, just to clear the conversation a bit.

it takes about 4 minutes per post if there are ~5 -6 responses, I'm a slow hunt and peck typist, if I could talk my staff data entry people into doing this it would go a lot faster, but I pay them too well to do their real jobs to spend hours on this.. happy.gif (I don't think they really understand ford engines either)

I wish there was a way not to push everyone elses posts down, maybe we have to continue posting here too.?? It will take me all fall to transfer everything I want so that will continue to raise hell with everyones posts.

I'm struggling with this and open to ideas, perhaps we might continue posting here too????, Just say no to multi groove keepers..

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