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Spark Plugs for 351C

May 30 2003 at 7:44 AM

Jeff  (Login 70elim)
from IP address

Hello, other than the name, is there any difference between Motorcraft AF32's & Autolite AF32's ?
Lastly, what's the difference between AF32's & ARF32's ?

Thanks for your time.

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Chris Kelly
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May 30 2003, 9:16 AM 

R = resistor. I run Autolite #25's and leave it at that.


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(Login 7TFord)

Re: Spark Plugs for 351C

May 30 2003, 10:34 AM 

Not sure about the difference in the Motorcraft and Autolite parts. Will guess though that they are close to being the same product. The "R" I think means having a radio interference reducing capability. I am running NGK UR4 plugs at the present time in my 351C4V but have a set of Autolite 25's on the shelf also.

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Super Roo
(no login)

Those are old plug numbers..

May 30 2003, 12:38 PM 

haven't been used for years. Did you find some old stock? Ford owned Autolite years ago and were forced to sell [some kind of law for owning to much of a market] So was it 72' or 73' Motorcraft came about? Bendix bought up Autolite and agreed to supply electrical parts to Ford under the Motorcraft name. What about GM with AC? How come they didn't have to sell off? Hey Bob, can you help out on this auto history? since you've been around forever! Was that you that planted those redwoods in Cali? haha

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(Login huberpat)

It was '72

May 30 2003, 1:44 PM 

The '72 model year started using Motorcraft stuff. Autolite was up through '71. I learned this after I had put the Autolight replacement parts decal on the air cleaner of my '72 Torino. DOH!!! Oh well, most people won't know the difference.

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(Login machoneman)

Hey, Super Roo! And here I tried to get all those

May 30 2003, 4:03 PM 

young guys to ship us both all those 351C parts prepaid since they are too inexperienced to use them properly! Boy, and look what I get back....pure insolence!

btw, it was dear old Mom who planted the redwood trees.

I just watered them......LOL!

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