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November 2 2009 at 6:29 AM
paul jones, jr  (Login pjonesjr)
from IP address

Do anyone know the specs. of the Pro Stock Clevelands. The cams size, crank, pistons etc. I know how the heads was built I have 2 sets.

Was they strock down, I heard to a 340 cubic inch, then I heard they was 360 cubic inch.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Jason monk
(Login 351c_fox)

Maybe the pro stock pinto book?

November 2 2009, 8:01 AM 

I know there is a book detailing the prostock pintos. Hard to find I hear. Might have specs in there.

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James Willett
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November 2 2009, 11:38 AM 

Maybe Mark, Randy or Gary will answer?

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(Login methylated)

CID depended on weight break

November 2 2009, 12:04 PM 

early on they tried some big engines but te nhra rapidly threw weight on them to slow them down

in later days they ued 4.08 x 3.25 for about 340 cid

cams would be 106-108 lsa ~ 285 ~295 @ .050 ~ .425 .450 lobe lift .

the pistons would yield about 12.5:1 and had rather smooth decks , if they wanted more comp they would whack the heads to get more comp

'His nickname might have been "happy" were it not for the 351 cleveland'

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paul jones, jr
(Login pjonesjr)

Re: CID depended on weight break

November 2 2009, 5:53 PM 

Good Evening,

Would you have any pictures of pro stock engines? Also would you have any written literature on specs. you could email me. What was the bigger cubic inches they was intially using? Would you explain the lift on the cams, don't seem like they were that huge.

Anymore information would be helpful.

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(Login methylated)

in the cleveland book ....

November 2 2009, 6:43 PM 

-1971 they built a 366 4.02 X 3.6 with a crane F276 and 2 660 holleys made 586 hp at 7200 rpm . that was a very early engine .

-1973 ford published "how to build a pro stock pinto " they were still using the D1ZX-6250-FA camshaft or the general kinetics F5M332-B both were flat tappets . they had moved to using port plates "worth 20 hp at 8000 rpm" . weiand 1992 tunnel ram with 2 660's . headers were 2.25 x 34 long collector 3.5-4" "fabricate on long side"

during this time and later on pro stockers began rolling their own more and more . In the nhra the engines were seldom bigger than 340 because they had to carry more weight per CI than any other combo . In match racing they built much larger engines up to about 427 ci .

-1976 Dyno Don ran 7.9? in 1976 match racing in a ~1900 lb car

the 340's in later years would hit the stripe at around 10,000 rpm with a 108 lsa 285-295 @ .050 around .750 lift rollers . 2 dommy's . Bob Glidden made over 750 hp in basically this way and eventually went 8.30 in nhra trim.

though the cams did not have much lift by todays standards the competition wasn't using any more , and the clevelands cleaned up.....

-1978 nhra gave BG 150 lbs off his weight break for using a long boxy fairmont . At it's debut Grumpy Jenkins came over and "served notice" that he was gonna whip that car , and Glidden in it . didn't happen . Glidden laughed and said he "dropped the chute at about 1000 feet on him "
That car never lost a race .

-1983 when Animal Jim was running pro stock in the ahra using n2o he made about 1000 hp , ran 7.88 ~ 180 mph 427 cid , 2450 lbs.

those are just some of the highlights .

'His nickname might have been "happy" were it not for the 351 cleveland'

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(Login fasteach)

First pro stock in the 7s

November 3 2009, 12:07 AM 

Hey Joe...Randy (GT350HR) owns that history making engine...and has for 30 years...I thought you knew that?
It ran 2-1/4 primaries with hi-port plate heads. I found an article in an old Mustang Illustrated Magaziine, I think he was on the cover. I know for sure he was on the cover of Car Craft Magazine July 1977 , I have a copy and it's him hanging with the late Lee Hunter. No wonder he knows so much about clevelands, he was there when it all went down!

Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines-
Enzo Ferrari

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of course I know that

November 3 2009, 12:30 PM 

but I'll only brag for the racers that aren't here to brag for themselves !

'His nickname might have been "happy" were it not for the 351 cleveland'

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Mike Drew
(Login MikeLDrew)

Pro stock Cleveland photo

November 4 2009, 1:52 AM 

Here's a photo taken inside Ford Racing in 1972, showing the small team that was developing the then-new 351C for Pro Stock racing:


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(Login 56L)

Lee hunters engine

November 2 2009, 5:42 PM 

I found a bit of info on an 340 engine that the late Lee Hunter built in he late 70,s.
.080 over to reduce cylinder wall shrouding of the valves ,pinned cylinder walls,edelbrock UR-19 tunnel ram with welded alloy plate underneath to prevent oil splash,Braswell modified holley dominator carbs.

4V boss heads with high exhaust plate,itake ports raised ,TRW 2.190 titanium int valves,manley 1.710 stainless exhaust .

Stock crank internally balanced with mallory metal destroked to 3.250 rod mains turned to 2.00,5.850 childs and alberts aluminium rods,venolia gas ported double spiro loc pistons compression hieght 1.660 giving a 1.8:1 rod throw ratio.

Sleeved lifter bore bushings with a moroso restrictor kit ,stock oil pump.

Hays Stinger breakerless mounted in an Accel tach drive dizzy housing

Blue Print specs

Mains .0030-.0035
rods .0030-.0035
crank end play .004-.010
rod side clearance .020-.025 steel rods
.030-.035 alloy
valve stem to guide clearance .0011-.0022 ex
.0007-.0018 int
piston to valve .100 min
piston to bore .0055-.0065 (TRW)
.008-.010 (venolia)
piston to pin .0008-.0010
pston ring end gap .014-.016
piston ring to groove .002-.004 (.000 top ring with gas ports)
lifter to bore .0007-.0027

couldnt find any info on valve springs and lifter

hope this helps


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(Login 56L)

Lee hunters engine

November 2 2009, 5:45 PM 

a few more things

also Cloyed double roller roller cam and roller rocker armswith Jolmar rocker girdle

Ford also made a pro stock solid cam kit (D1ZX-6250-FA)lifter only (D1ZX-6500-CA)

Fords part numbers for Race only 85 grams (stock 147g)titanium intake valves (DOZX-6507-A) and hollow stem stainless ex valves 95grams (stock 123g)(DOZX-6505-A)

The AHRA ran small block nitrous pro stockers 1981-1985 with Lee Hunter running 7.98 @ 170.80
and Jim Feurer running 7.83 in his rare alloy block clevo

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(Login D.I.L.L.I.G.A.S.)

Dyno Don.......

November 2 2009, 8:13 PM 

I used to have an old article on Dyno Don's alloy match race bullet. Unfortunately the magazine got lost during the last move. The opening page of the article had Dyno standing there nonchalantly holding the bare aluminum C block like it was as light as a case of beer. If I remember the article correctly the block/heads were originally meant for some type of road racing class (Can-Am, Trans-Am, or something like that).

[edit] According to the interwebs that magazine was Super Stock & Drag Illustrated Jan-1977

[linked image]

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(Premier Login blizzardND)

Dyno Don Match Racer on the WIki Magazine Articles Page

November 2 2009, 10:13 PM 

link CarCraft Oct 76



All Right You Sons-a-Bitches, Let's Have a Race! Smokey Yunick

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(Login coupe3w)

Re: Dyno Don Match Racer on the WIki Magazine Articles Page

November 3 2009, 10:35 AM 

I remember that article. Shoot $750.00 for the block.

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