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A quick guide to the new forum..

September 4 2013 at 8:23 AM

blizz  (Premier Login blizzardND)
from IP address

To make it way easier for all to see the new posts on the new forum, FIRST LOGIN, then go to the "home" page.. right below the 351c.net logo is a bar that says Forums, groups and Archive Wiki, right below that is a "mark channels read" click on that, and all the old posts I have copied to the site the blue thingy next to the post or forum, will go gray. when something new is posted, it will then be Blue, that tells you something is new, and you should look at it.

that should help, also note that this forum isn't that much different than the old one except that it is all on on page, so all you have to do is scroll down.

See how it mimics the old index,

335 Engine Tech The main forum on top just renamed & then broken down by topics)

Classic Cleveland which replaced the 4V Forum

351C Engine Archive which is the old engine archive but broke down a bit by build type (which is something I couldn't do on net 54)

Cleveland Car specific topics is new, I thought is nifty to have all the Torino related posts in one spot, and the Pantera topics separated it helps the new guy with header fitment issues on his car type find like posts all in one place, and just like a car show where you group cars by type, those members start to PM each other and become online friends.

Classified Ads same as before but now broken out just a bit for WTB , Cars , Parts, & Collectibles

The Garage used to be the bench, but we needed more room happy.gif


Photos ad Videos self explanatory..

If anyone posts something in the wrong forum, I can now, move them, so I have no problem If anyone just likes to post in the general topics, I'll leave the post there for a few days, until the responses slow down, then I'll move it to where it best fits, its easy for me to do, and it might help during the transition.

New feature on the right is a new topic column, if you are only interested in what the new posts are, the latest top 8 are listed in that column, click on the post that interests you and it will take you directly to wherever it is located, in any of the sub forums.

hope these tips help, give it some time, like new sneakers, they soon become so comfortable you wear them in the house (to be yelled at by the Finance Director)


351C.net, Just say no to multi groove keepers..

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(Premier Login blizzardND)


September 4 2013, 8:37 AM 

Here is another tip for the new forum.. breadcrumbs.. yep, just like Hansel and Gretel dropped bread crumbs to find their way out of the forest, the new forum has breadcrumbs for you to find your way quickly out of a subforum to wherever you came from.

at the top of the page under the 351C.net logo is a bar that has Forums, Groups, and Archive Wiki

below that are the breadcrumbs.. in this example I was in the Auto transmission forum..

Home > The 351C Rotunda > 335 Series Engine Tech >Drivetrain Forum > Auto Transmission Forum

if I want to go all the way back to the Home page, I just click on Home, and thats where it takes me.

say I just wanted back to the 335 Engine Tech Forum, I click on that, and there I be.

simple and easy, give it a try... happy.gif

351C.net, Just say no to multi groove keepers..

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(Login nova467spanker)

Web address name

September 5 2013, 11:57 AM 

so what will or what is the direct web address for the new site? I already registered but still have to go through the old site to get to the new one.
Thanks, Matt

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(Premier Login blizzardND)

Re: Web address name

September 5 2013, 3:45 PM 

the new website address is:


the wiki is...


soon I'll have a landing page at just 351c.net in which you can click on those 2 plus this old forum too.


351C.net, Just say no to multi groove keepers..

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