That's kind of complicated

by MtWS


So far as I know, the idea of Iori having a long-lost sister named Izumi is the sole handywork of Rob Kelly.

However, her Miss X alter-ego is indeed an SNK creation. It all starts with a Neo-Geo Pocket Color title called SNK Gals' Fighter, which features assorted lovely ladies from KoF, Last Blade, Samurai Shodown, and possibly another series that's slipping my mind all getting together to beat the crap out of one another. Now, the reason they're doing this is that the mysterious Miss X is offering the victor a Magic McGuffin(tm Alfred Hitchcock) that grants wishes. Why exactly she should want to do this is a mystery that is never resolved. Even more mysterious is the fact that Miss X is fairly obviously--strike that, stupefyingly obviously--Iori Yagami in drag. Hence the previous chapters of mistaken identity.

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