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by Gavok

In that KOF comic from China (I think) called KOF Zillions, they write Miss X as if she really is a different character. Maybe even as Iori's sister. I can't remember.

Personally, I think she should turn out to be yet another male character in drag. Like Sol Badguy or something.

I read through some of the KOF comic for what happened in KOF2K (it's unofficial, though). Basically, I only read through the parts for the Korea Team. Here's how they did:

They show the Leona-looking host of the tournament interviewing Terry Bogard and Joe Higashi about the upcoming match against Team Korea. Like Jurassic Park, the ground starts shaking. Then Chang and Choi barge in. Chang destroys a camera and Choi perches himself on the woman's shoulders, running his claws very close to her face. Finally Joe kicks him off.

The four are about to have an impromptu fight, but Chang and Choi's faces go from mean to expressionless when Kim and Jhun finally arrive. Kim and Terry start talking about how it's great to see each other and Kim angrily tells Chang that he has to work off the cost of the broken camera.

So to the match:

Round 1: Chang Koehan vs Blue Mary

Mary starts off the round with some quick dodging and successful attacks at Chang's face. But then Chang hits her out of the air with his ball. He grabs her by her broken ankle and slams her back and forth. He's planning on finishing her off, but Terry (the striker), gives a Burn Knuckle right into Chang's gut. Chang first acts like "Is that it? I can still go!" But then he vomits a lot of blood and passes out. DKO.

Round 2: Choi Bounge vs Andy Bogard

Mostly an even match. I think the Fatal Fury Team changed strikers or something, because Joe comes out a couple times to attack Choi's whirlwind attacks with his own. Anyway, Mai shows up and cheers Andy on, which gives him the strength to win the fight. I think in the comic continuity, Andy and Mai are married.

Round 3: Kim Kaphwan vs Andy Bogard

Kim kicks his ass pretty quickly. He might've done it with Jhun's help, but I forget.

Round 4: Kim Kaphwan vs Terry Bogard

This match is mostly even, but Kim still has 2 or 3 striker uses left. It eventually ends with a Time Over and Kim as the winner. This angers both fighters as they want to have a finish. But still, Team Korea defeated the Fatal Fury Team ^_^

Next they fought the Ikari Warriors in the semi finals. They don't go into detail like the other match, since it's really a curtain jerker for the Kyo/Iori vs K'/Maxima/Vanessa/Ramon match. So long story short: Team Korea wins and advance to the finals.

So now it's Kim/Chang/Choi with Jhun as a striker vs Kyo and Iori who were a team for some reason.

Round 1: Kim Kaphwan vs Iori Yagami

Guys like Kyo and Iori get wierd, godlike powers in these comics. Iori uses on of them to knock out both Kim AND Jhun, who is trying to attack. Bogus.

So then Chang and Choi rush to their masters' aid. They figure they're screwed so they might as well forfeit. But Chang decides to try to save face for his country and challenges Iori.

Round 2: Chang Koehan vs Iori Yagami

Iori smacks him around a couple times until Chang decides "fuck it" and forfeits. Choi follows suit. So they got built up as being in the finals only to job in record time. Huh.

After that, they don't show up again. No, not even for the laser blast.


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