Leave of absence...

by Mark Poa


Hi, guys! I've been missing the past few days for few reasons: (1) My younger brother was working on a term paper so he got to hog the computer and (2) I was playing through Final Fantasy VIII (Yes, I *am* just playing it now. ^_^;;; College life backlog...). I'm now seeing enough Triple Triad in my sleep to know that I'm hooked.

Anyway, I'm still going to be absent for a few more days. We found out there was something wrong with the motherboard of this PC. Sound card and modem both seem to hate each other and doesn't want to coexist... had to take out the sound card to use the modem. -_-;;; I'm sending it in to be repaired. I can hardly play Simcity 3000 without sounds. ;_;

So, be seeing you guys in about two days at the best, a week at the most. ^_^v Have fun!

*Starts to go away then turns around to see a party being set up*

Hey! I'm still here! ^_^;

Mark Poa, post-Holy Week lunacy

Posted on Mar 31, 2002, 9:46 PM
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