may as well add chapter 98

by Grahf316



Grahf316: I'm the new author, and I don't like Kristina Sparks

Kristina: uh-oh

Grahf316: But i need someone to remind the readers of plot points. Kristina, you're re-hired.

Kristina: Yay. I think...

grahf316: Now watch me toss about deus ex machinae like salt before a sumo match.

Rock Howard: I'm 18!

Hol Horse: People can see my stand!

Ignis: I'm being used and I like it!

KOF 2002

Apocalypso: blagh! I will kill you all!

Geese Howard: not if i kill you first! zzzz...

(he does, kills kyo in the process)

Almost Everyone: that was anti-climactic.

Faust Baldhead: My head hurts...

Kristina Sparks: you caused a time paradox, i think you're evil again.

ash gore weed

rock: dad, i love mei li, can i borrow the car?

geese: (must not kill son) sure.

sweet tooth: geese, I quit. I want to kill yamazaki. but first, let me be violent.


grant: I'm the anti-Heavy D!

Stately Kim Manner

(chang, axel, and choi bust into the room)

axel: smart chang, cool choi, and the other me are evil clones!

smart chang: no we're not! we'll fight. whoever dies are the clones!

(they fight, the adjectived characters die, as well as Kyo)

chang: NESTS is back! they make clones!

NESTS base

krizalid: I switched sides! ^_^

mantazz: I'm an extension to Chazz's schtick

zero: lookit me I'm pretty!

Ignis: I'm going to become a god and kill you all. but first, i'm entering a ridiculously long auto race!

justice high

raizo: I will have REEEEEEVEEEEEEEENGE!!!!! because it is Raizo this time....

author notes

grahf316: have fun, whoever's next!

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