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by NeroMan edits sprites.


If I edit sprites... am I reforming them?

I'm glad Gavok saw them, I was going to post them here eventually, ...bbbbuuuttt never got around to it, I don't like posting here, I have a fear of becoming a regular. (But I sure can LURK with the best of them!)

Gavok- I happen to think Sie Horse's hat is fine, I'm more tempted to borrow that Stand in your edit :-), but I rarely alter my edits once they're posted in my gallery... If I wanted to give Sie a betta hat, I'd borrow one from Choi.

Kool Choi was pretty much made from scratch. Hat was taken from the original, I was going to give him a really big hat but 1. Then it might be too hard to identify him as Kool-Aid man, and 2. That contradicts a scene in the story, and 3. It would take effort.

Bao Wonder has Chris's hair, and the color on his shorts was taken from Leona. I don't think I'll do a Battler man because I don't have any good sprites of him (the ones at the Ngo bro's site are all bending over) well, I suppose I could look in the Mugen Character's .sff file, but that is a little bit... unhonorable. (ah crap, now I have to do it, don't I?)

MegaMan dressed up as Magneto, MagnetMan inspiration? Naaah.

I'm thinking of making an omake...
"Big Trouble in Little Japrea"
Jack played by Jhun
Wang played by Kim
featuring the enemy... Hy-LO PAN

...but don't hold your breath.

Posted on Apr 5, 2002, 3:56 PM
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