by black dub


I forgot to talk about Shuma Chang.

*[insert random word of extreme praise here]*!!!!!!!111!

I mean, he lasted all of one chapter and all, but I was proud of him.

Now, I can finally see him! Yaaaaaaaay!

you get muchas props for that one.

The Afro page is cool too.


Wasn't there an Earthworm Jim cheat that gave Jim a big red afro like Nat X?

Speaking of EWJ, why hasn't he (or elements from his series) appeared in RECBT yet? If you think about it, he could fit easily in RECBT. We have various Elder Gods (Cthulhu, Shuma Gorath), a stand using carpet soiling talking dog (Iggi, who has yet to use his Stand in the series), a guy who dies as a running gag (kyo) and the Twisted Metal people. Why can't we have a talking worm with a suit?

I mean, we had Bill the Cat. *Bill the Cat.* His comic was canceled years ago. Or my newspaper just dropped it, but whatever.

I want my EWJ.

black dub

Posted on Apr 5, 2002, 5:27 PM
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