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by NeoVid


Doc: The Rational Experimentation Group is basing operations in Chicago? Why would a collection of evil geniuses base themselves in the most crime-ridden- oh, right.

[After Winch makes a pass at a waitress in Chinatown]
Doc: That's surprising. By now, I was certain you were a racist.
Winch: Eh, women are all the same on the inside.

Marie: Hey, there's a forcefield around this factory!
Doc: Really? Where? BONK

Winch: How're we gonna find out what's in there? We can't even git close to the doors n' windows!
Marie: Fluffy and Cuddles can climb up and look through the skylight! [Huge robotic spiders come up next to her]
Doc: And we return to counting on the machina ex machina.

Josh: I'm going to have Winch crash in through the skylight.
Me: He's Batgeezer!

[Face to face with the robot that runs the factory]
Winch: Who made this place?
Robot: Click Authorization password required.
Winch: ...Is the password "PASSWORD?" (I'm spending the Inspiration to Dramatic Edit the scene, so it WILL be "Password.")
Robot: Authorization accepted.
Me: Damn, Josh, two good ideas in one day? Beginner's luck.


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