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"Xweb 101" (aka Site Use FAQ) - contributions welcome

December 31 2004 at 2:10 PM

There are lots of repeat "Site User" questions posted on Xweb about "how to" do this or that around here, "how do I post pictures?", "how do I edit this?" (and its partner "how do I fix what editing broke??"), "how does this crappy easter-egg search feature work?", "how can I have a 'signature'?", and a million more, you get the idea.

I started to code up a "short list" of links to archived posts which answer these, but it rapidly became apparent that I could not do as good a job myself as I could do with you all contributing!

SO, even better, we'll have THIS thread. For "Xweb 101" HERE are the guidelines, as much as there are any:

Posts on this thread may occasionally be moved, edited or deleted by moderators in the course of rearranging things for cleanliness/ease of scanning.

Archived discussions that you encounter may or may not be "locked". Regardless whether or not an archived thread is locked, if you wish to comment on it, please do so on this XWEB101 page or the PRESENT MAIN FORUM page as opposed to posting to the archived threads.

PLEASE TRY to keep these threads on topic If there's going to be a tangent, ask yourself whether it would be more fitting as an 'addendum' to the thread topic or as a new 101 thread itself, just use your best judgment for the sake of "keeping it clean" for folks searching for answers.

PLEASE use the "Message Title" line to make a simple, direct and to-the-point summary of what is contained in your post, or what the post is regarding, be it question(s) or answer(s). More than anything else, this will ensure ease of scan/location of relevant questions and answers to those looking here for them.

IMPORTANT: THIS thread is ONLY to handle questions and answers relating to SITE USE ("How do I create account?" etc). ALL other frequently asked questions, such as SITE CONTENT ("Where's 5 Speed 101?", "How do I do the Brown Wire mod", etc) will be handled in the "Best Of" thread.

I'll kick this thing off by posting a few good ones, from there, everyone feel free to jump on with relevant items as they may arise. Thanks!

Peace, -Mac

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