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"Best Of Xweb" (aka Site Content FAQ) - contributions welcome

December 31 2004 at 4:21 PM

Unlike the Site USER FAQ "Xweb 101", which strictly deals with how to get around, find things, accomplish tasks etc on Xweb, THIS THREAD is for FUN, EDUCATION, ENLIGHTENMENT, HUMOR, and above all, to take the great resource we have in the DF Archives and reach down deep to pull up and highlight things in this forum that are either frequently referenced pieces of material, or just plain worth looking at again and pointing out to others

Some of you may end up loving this thread (if you've been handing out sage advice over and over) and some of you may want to see it wiped clean out (if you have a long history of 'foot in mouth' syndrome here like me! ), no matter how you slice it, here it is. Just about anything goes here, but do try to post links ONLY to things that you truly believe truly deserve the moniker "Best of Xweb"...

Have fun!!

Peace, -Mac

Thought for the day: Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground


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