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additional info on RSS feed

January 13 2005 at 9:17 PM


Response to interesting

Hi John!

I can put it pretty much wherever I want it, within reason. It actually was at the top of the main forum page at first, but that was the epitome of redundancy, since all the threads were immediately below it...

I could get it into a header to appear on every page but if I do that then it becomes really distracting. I just finally settled on the lower right corner as it seemed the only place where the scroll didn't constantly pull the eyes away from everything else.

As for the limitation of 15, RSS itself is not limited by anything but the feed that it receives, but N54 only generates a feed of the 15 most recent threads. I did mention to them it would be even more handy if this could be adjustable, and, if it could be set (on the backend) to generate a feed of the 15 most recent POSTS as opposed to top level threads.

Since N54 v2 is coming out soon, I don't think they're really interested in doing much "improvement" to the existing setup, 90% of all their effort is going into v2 pre-release and the remaining 10% in just keeping the existing system going until then, putting out fires, etc...

Peace, -Mac

Thought for the day: Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground

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