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Swapping out Instrument/Guage Cluster sets-

February 13 2006 at 11:35 AM

Greg Silver 

Response to "Best Of Xweb" (aka Site Content FAQ) - contributions welcome

...from Rob T.'s post about how he swapped his- includes PHOTOS:

I have a 1975X with the original guage set. I purchased the car in the US and I live in Canada, so I wanted to at least see km/h on my speedo. I found a 1979 guage set from Midwest X1/9 and swapped it out...

The position of the oil light and battery light are different...

When you look closely at the printed circuit board, you see that all is good with respect to wiring. OIL and BATT are just swapped. The 1979 guage cluster is essentially plug and play..

I had to remove the female plug connectors to see the wiring...

So, the new(er) guages work great and look great! Also, my 75 has a 1500 block in it so the oil pressure guage never worked anyway. The voltmeter seems to work just fine. If you have any questions let me know.


ALSO- in case anyone was wondering about the different sizing in the photos, Rob explained in a further post:

"Both guage clusters are actually the same size. I just took th picture on an angle.
And for wiring, I just inststalled it as is. Everything seems to work fine."

Greg Silver
"solo X"
1978 1300cc, euro head
Going "bumperless" soon-

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