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April 27 2007 at 10:05 AM

The idea popped up on a tangent of Rob's gorgeous X pics thread downstream and seemed a good topic to split off to a thread of its own. There are a number of known bugs / quirks / idiosynchracies of Xweb's forum code and not all of them are clearly documented, in fact, only a few are, the rest are enshrined in "tribal knowledge" but that means anyone who hasn't been here for long enough to have heard them described via word of mouth over the ages has to sort through them themselves, and not all are analyzed or clearly sorted out the same way, questions abound etc etc.

SOOooooo, Here is an open thread for all comers to post about "Xweb known bugs" or "Forum function question & answer". If you have any curiosities, ponderances, 'bug reports' or questions concerning the use of Xweb, please post them here and we will sort through and answer them as best we can!

I am also open to discuss 'feature request' ideas however that may be of limited value on the current forum software package, it's about as pimped out as we're going to get it, but, still don't hesitate to toss some idea out there if you think it is worth mentioning

The floor is open

Peace, -Mac

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