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From the viewpoint of running takeoffs...

March 6 2008 at 11:28 PM

Response to Race Tires

DOT rubber is pretty gummy these days.
Primarily when new.
And therefore...expensive.
Slicks are more available than DOTs as takeoffs.
And most of the DOT takeoffs are road race compound.
Agreed...your rims are too wide for cantilever tires.
Agreed...cantilever tires are only ones designed for your weight.
Disagree that non-cantilevers won't work with your weight.
I won't run 'em on road courses,
but I and a lot of folks run 'em on go cart track,
which has up to 5 minute runs and speeds in the 30-70 mph range.
We have for a lot of years, no one has had a problem,
and all the slick guys are quicker than most of the DOT guys.
Some of the non-cantilever tires are designed to work with downforce aero,
so they support more weight than just static racecar weight.
Generally have to run a little more PSI, and helps to stretch 'em a bit over wider rims.
But tire temps read just fine, assuming you've got enough spring to support the grip,
and are not camber challenged.
Slicks are more prone to puncture and/or bead leaks, but that's the only downside.
Bottom line: take off slicks have more grip,
are more readily available, and are cheaper than takeoff DOTs.

All that said, I run DOT takeoffs for road courses,
due to 20 minute sessions and speeds of 50-110 mph.
I'm not going to experiment at those speeds!

Comments based on playing in this sandbox for 38 years,
but only 13 years with Fiats.
Does this look like a car that doesn't have grip?

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