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how I did it

March 12 2008 at 10:33 AM
Mike Richmond 

Response to Replacing brake fluid hose and brake fluid

I decided to do this at the same time I was replacing the clutch and brake M/C. I vacuumed out the reservoir and vacuum bled all the brakes and clutch line.

Remove steering wheel, drop steering column and move off to the side, tie it up so it doesn't get in your way. Disconnect the hard line clutch M/C and the two hard brake lines (F/R). This is the only scary step because you need to use lots of penetrant and maybe even a torch to get those brass nuts to come loose with your flare wrench. Once that's all done, you can cut the cloth lines just outside of the firewall, then drop the pedal assembly.

On the bench you'll see why you had to do this: there is a lot of weird things going on top of that pedal assembly including a hold-down strap that I would not wanted to try to deal with with the thing in the car. Attach your new braided lines (leave extra length over what you think you need!). Assembly starts by feeding the new lines up through the firewall. I used a box to hold the weight of the pedal assembly while I got it in position to bolt it in. It's a fiddly job to get it in there with the hard lines catching on things, but if you aren't in a rush, it will get done with only a little cussing.

Good luck!

Mike Richmond
'86 Bertone
World's Slowest Fiat Mechanic

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