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Got an issue

March 14 2008 at 1:34 AM
Darren NZ 

I know your going to laugh at my stupidity...........

It all started this afternoon when after what seemed like a life time I finally got my new wheels and tyres delivered........yep a simple task of off with the old and on with the new. No real issues there however...........

I decided to get her all fired up before I had to pick my wife up from hospital (post surgery) as per normal she couhed and spluttered (not the wife this time) and seemed to fire on 3 cylinders. Quick fault diagnosis thought it might be a fouled plug. Whipped out the plugs cleaned them put them back in and hey presto........you've guessed it she didn't fire up!

long story short checked all the wiring - engine turns overs but thats it.

I would of probably still been there now but for that fact that the flu bug is flying around the Air Base (yes I know Ian Lawson its about the only thing that does fly in the Kiwi Air Force!) and I got called in to work the night shift!

So as you can guess the WIFE is not Happy because I'm at work, I'm NOT HAPPY because I'm at WORK and the car is not Happy!

So all in all any ideas how I solve the starting problem.........the rest I can figure out after 23 years of marriage and the same amount of time in the Service.

Oh yeah by the way the whhels look great .........damn shame I can't drive round the streets showing them off!

Look forward to your replies


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