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looking at '78 tomorrow

March 14 2008 at 5:59 PM

I'm off to see a '78 tomorrow. About 80k, they say no rust (although admit some surface rust under the radiator), hasn't run in 1.5 years, they owned it for three. Owner has been ill, and has no plans for it now, son is a ASEE mechanic and told me he would get different carbs, as the stock ones get clogged due to the fine jets. He said he would try and get it running for tomorrow, they are asking 1500.

I have never owned an X, have looked at a few over the last few years, but nothing ever really came about. I would like something that at least runs, and not too much rust. $1500 is probably about what my expenses would allow at this point (2 kids in college). Daughter is going to local community college for automotive, so I may have a personal mechanic (she just started this semester).

So, what should I look for, is there a buyers guide around anywhere? I assume rust, rust, rust, and tranny?

I have a '93 Mazda mx6 2.5 liter 6 cylinder and commute about 90 miles a day, country roads, and have been experimenting with pulse and glide driving for better mpg. I have been getting 30 mpg this way. How is the X1/9 for gas mileage, and is there anything that can be done to improve it? I was thinking of a metro 3 cylinder, but figure I would take a last look at an X1/9, since this one just came up. The mx6 has 170k on it, figure if I get something else I can at least take some of the load off it, so the next car doesn't have to be 100% reliable.


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