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drive around block

March 15 2008 at 6:37 PM

Response to Same look on my 78 Paul

It started with started fluid. We jacked it up as the two rear tires were flat, and one had broken the seal. They couldn't reseat the tire, and I mentioned starter fluid and a match (read it on the internet), and the older man looked excited to try it, and his son gave me the look of why did I tell him that. Anyways the son knew that trick, and after they put the fire on the tire out (I wasn't expecting that!), remounted it, restarted it and drove it up out of the out of the garage.

They let me take it out, so I got in the drivers side, and my daughter on the passenger side. I didn't want to go farther than I wanted to push it back, so we went out the dirt driveway (this was around some commercial building along a busy route, with a residential neighborhood abutting) I just went down the street, went into 2nd, slight reluctance in 3rd and took it back. I mentioned I had seen a like new one for $4500 a few years ago, and the son said he wouldn't pay that much for a new one, so I gather he doesn't like them. Seemed to accelerate fine from first, the son thought it was way underpowered. I took out an ebay car about 6 months ago (the owner couldn't believe how much it sold for), and noticed I had to rev it high to take off at reasonable speed, this one seemed fine.

He mentioned the header, and exhaust. I forgot to try out the electrical stuff. There were wires handing out from under the ignition, and quite a few things electrical taped. This turned out to be 140 miles from my house. It says 35k on the odometer, whether that's 135k I don't know. I didn't want to drive to far as it had been sitting for a year and a half. They were talking about a Honda engine transplant so I gather neither of them felt it had enough power. He's owned it for three.

Judging from the appearance of the engine does it look like its been taken care of? I think I'd feel comfortable with $800, I don't think I would want to spend $1500, he said he paid 2k for it? I feel like maybe I should have bought the $200 one that's also in my photobucket, but that was on four flats, and I couldn't get the rear lids up as the latches were jammed, but I relayed that to the classified section, and someone else picked it up. Oh well.

What do you guys think it's worth? Suppose I should have taken a few laps around the block, but it had no tags.

>Looks like it has a header and a quad tipped Ansa exhaust. Did you get too drive it or test out any of the mechanicals?

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