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Spent some fun with my ex

April 12 2008 at 1:13 PM


after 6 months of not getting to touch my ex, i finally got to play with her today
and i broke my number 1 rule: she doesnt get to play in the snow
fortunately there wasnt much of anything on the ground so i was ok

heres what i did:
changed out all the uprights, pesky wheel bearing noise is GONE
taken up some more slack in the throttle cable, now goes like stink, at least compared to what it was
replaced the front left brake hose, caliper seems to be siezed but the hose looked in pretty bad shape, so it was possible it was kinked on the inside of that hose

things left to do:
swap steering racks
check ignition switch(seems to be working ok now, musta gotten a bad run of starters or something)
alignment, ive had this car for almost 3 years now and i havent gotten it aligned properly
replace the front right brake hose, not in as bad of shape as the driver side, but still should be replaced
drive the snot out of this car!

3 weeks til the next autocross(First one of the year)
and yes, its snowing today
and yes im happy i ended up keeping it

X addict/masochist
Probablly the ONLY honda tech that drives a fiat

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