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looks like today was X-progress day all around

April 12 2008 at 6:54 PM

My project is nearing completion- or at least roadworthy state! It will be another week and a half for the exhaust to arrive, so I figured I'd move on to the remainder of the laundry list.

This X had been off the road for 3+ years and housed several thousand mice

Started out on the electrics. The left headlight didn't work when switched from the dash, but if the radiator was warm, the headlight would come on dimly - and of course the rad fans wouldn't spin.

In the left headlight pod, I pulled out the ground starburst and ran it in the sandblaster. Spot blasted the stud on the frame, and put new terminals on everything that grounded there. Also grounded the headlight right to that starburst.

Got connectors on the new radiator temperature sensor. Managed to hook up the second rad fan (yay!) and also installed a manual override switch in the console.

Swapped out a license plate bulb, chased a marker light ground, and sandblased another marker light socket.

Repaired the speaker wires that were chewed through by mice. Amazingly enough, they only attacked (or defeated!) those wires.

Rebuilt a power window switch from 3 donors, and got that in. Swapped out the non-dimming dimmer.

Electrical is now at 99.9%. The only thing that doesn't work is the "brake" indicator in the gauge cluster.

Even pounded out the monster dent in the floorboard.

Also started working on the body issues too. The car hasn't stored well.... Working today on the rear upper x-member. Sandblasting is fun ! Got it all blasted and the naval jelly is curing now. Will repaint most of it tomorrow and start to weld in some new metal in the bad spot.

Still on the agenda is replacing one fender lip as it has rusted clear through. DS floorboard is starting to show signs that it needs replacing. May be salvagable for a while yet. Maybe a winter project. Front fender connectors are aging fast, I may put the elephant ears on just to hide them until I get some 'glass ones.

Probably just need that fender lip done and exhaust installed to pass inspection. Yehaw!

From the glass lined tanks of old Bertone

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