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the saga continues,

April 23 2008 at 9:42 PM

can you say BIG DUMMY? after i installed the new plugs today, i headed out. 4 blocks away the car stalled in a not so major intersection. luckily there was a slight slope in the road. i rolled thru, found one of the clips poped loose on the dizzy. easy fix. hopped on the freeway, got up to 70 - 75 and the steering wheel started to shimmy a little. damn what now. just a couple exits to go, ill take it easy. i heard a loud thud, and the wheel went nuts. luckily i got it over to the side and eased on the brakes. i thought i had a flat. when i got out and looked i found the drivers front tire was now only attached to the car with one lug. and one lug was lying right next to the tire totally stripped. and that lug was 1/2 to 3/4s out, leaving the wheel at an odd angle. damn that was close, damn i feel dumb. im 47 and ive never lost a wheel before, had these wheels off so many times lately, i just forgot to torque them.
i jacked up the car to reset the wheel but had to wait fot triple a to bring tools. that could have goe really really bad. once the tire was reset, i headed to marks to replace the lost lugs and repair the threads in the hub. all is well. cant wait to see what happens next.

longtime fiat freak
74 x1/9
san dimas, ca

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