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sounds like devcon f asuminium putty

April 23 2008 at 10:30 PM


Response to Interesting product for body repair

But who can afford Devcon... I used it to fill corrosion in my 1300 head.. it cost me about $150au that's Oz dollars for you in the other hemisphere.. it's a 500 gram 1lb kit with hardener.. 99%aluminium paste. Target shooters love it for floating the barrel in their rifles they seat the action with it in the stock.
The time before I used it was on a very corroded MBenz six cyl head.. which took up almost the whole tin.. back in about 81 worked well for two more owners of that car.

Why? I didn't want to heat the x head up to 550degF to tig it.. I thought the seats guides and my teeth... will fall out.
cheers beers

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