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April 25 2008 at 12:38 AM


Response to Re: uh huh

Damn... free you say? I'm out there after it... ha ha.. I hope they don't think I'll get hooked.. the only books I've paid for lately is the pbs X19 book and a copy of the old " super tuning" just had to get that after finding it on the net.. It helped me greatly back in the sixties when modifying my honda bike engine for racing, along with 'tuning for speed'PE Irving 1965. that is available in packed file online If you search for it..
That was the definitive go fast tips book for engines. Both fitting titles to be in an enthusiasts library.
Thanks for that.. cheers Neil
PS. I just had a decco.. here's the result for us that aren't in the official united states.. Of cours Oz is for sure an unofficial state.. otherwise our fearless leaders wouldn't be skipping away over there to get further instructions every coupla months... Ah well... here it is.
quote from magazine free trial box.
The only catch: Due to U.S. postal regulations, free trial copies may only be sent within the United States. We love our Canadian and International readers (and offer subscriptions to you), but can't send a free trial. Blame Uncle Sam. Sam? Sam? who the ( insert your own blasphemy here)is Sam? " to the tune of " livin next door to Alice"
One of my " you know what I hate?" on the net is filling out a loooong form to buy something online.. only to find when I go to pay for it... " we do not ship outside of continental america or united states" ... look at the one in question.. even Terrence and Phillip can't get it....

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