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Car still running hot

April 25 2008 at 10:45 AM

I have tried everything I can think of to make this car run cool.

Removed the radiator and had it dipped. the company who did this said it did not need to be rodded and i trust them.

Replace the overflow bottle with a stainless one and bought a new cap.

Flushed the under car hoses with a garden hose.

New antifreeze and water wetter.

New rubber hoses.

Wired the fan to be always on.

The thermostat does open at about 190 when driving at least at the beginning. I can watch the temperature drop from 190 when it opens.

Bled the system many times with the front end raised higher the the rear of the car. Both with the cap on and the cap off. By the way which way is right?

I now am ready to give up and remove the thermostat, but I have been told this might be bad.

Should I remove the thermostat or drill a hole in it?

Any other ideas?

Todd Rosenthal
Hagerstown, MD
87 X1/9
72 124 Spider
93 164S

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