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Car still running hot

April 25 2008 at 2:25 PM
Ed DeCarbo 

Response to Car still running hot

Does your radiator have an ellen nut air "bubble bleed screw" on it? If so check to see if the is an air bubble in the cooling system by filling the system with coolant, warming up to engine to 190 degrees and slowly open this bleed screw to release any trapped air the]at may be in the system. According to the manual the car should be on a horizontal plane in order to perform his procedure properly. As I recall the bleed screw can be accessed through a two (2) inch hole just forward of the passenger side headlight in the front boot. If you have already done this when you mentioned that you have, "Bled the system many times with the front end raised higher the the rear of the car. Both with the cap on and the cap off. By the way which way is right?", then I have no other suggestions for you. Sorry, good luck.

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