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April 26 2008 at 4:58 AM

Response to Lots of questions...

Anything coming out the exhaust? Steam perhaps?

White smoke when cold. The car only runs on 3 cylinders for the first minute after starting cold. Runs fine after 1 minute. I have been told it is a fuel injector, but I have not tried to fix yet.

Any oil and antifreeze mixing going on? White sludge on the inside of the oil cap. Oil in the water, etc.

The oil is a nice brown with no foaming and the there is no oil scrum in the antifreeze that I can see.

If you ask it to, will the heater blow hot air while this is going on?

The heater works great. I use this to cool the engine sometimes.

Does the radiator feel hot? Is it uniformly hot or much hotter on one side than the other?

The raditaor seems to be hot everywhere by touch.

Step one is doing what the guys are saying and making sure you have the correct* parts but, the above list of checks could help point you in the correct direction.

I will be finding a new cap and thermostat ASAP.

Todd Rosenthal
Hagerstown, MD
87 X1/9
72 124 Spider
93 164S

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