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April 29 2008 at 7:04 PM

Hi Guys

Now summer is well and truly over here in NZ I've decided to put the Xy to bed to hibernate. I'm currently doing little jobs on her to while away the hours and would greatly appreciate your advice on the following.

1. My car has a manual flick switch for the radiator fan, installed well before I got her.

2. I would like to convert her back to the cut in fan but on reconnecting the small wiring connector I find it does not cut in.

3. I remember reading some while ago that the system can be tested by arcing a wire across the two connectors on the temp sender unit attached to the radiator.........can anyone please remind me what I have to do.

4. I would also been keen to know which connector block the wires run too and a greater help would be the colours of the wires also.

Many thanks


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