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Umm . . . I'm afraid I hafta . . .

May 5 2008 at 8:53 PM

Colin Duckworth 

Response to Front end lock-up

. . . go with Alex on this one. With the way I sometimes drive, I just assumed that it was a fact of life with them. Mind you, I'm generally only getting this happening when trail braking (late and initially very hard) or when I fail to 'squeeze' (albeit quickly) the brakes on to have a better tranfer of mass on the front (it's a motorcycling technique).

Fitting 132 rear callipers helps with the bias enormously I am told (and I am hunting down a set to try for that reason). But, I usually just drive around it. I've also driven rally cars with far too much rear bias on them . . . it's simply not quick.

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