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Its complicated but I'll explain

May 6 2008 at 10:09 AM
Herzel Frenkel 

Response to So Herzel... how many shekels?

Cars like these are NOT insured in Israel, not in comprehensive insurance. It is a mere an old fiat who's book value is something like 300 Shekels($80) or so, so any little scratch will render it "total loss".
My car is being fixed by the other guy's insurance - his third party liability. As such I am not obliged to total loss it and it is up to the adjuster to decide if the cost is reasonable, or rather - honest.
This adjuster will.
We are just about to sum up the body and paint shop cost, Yuri's labor.
I know that by now parts cost, including shipping and custom and taxes sum up to 11,000 Shekels ($3050). I assume labor may be about the same.
I hope this explains all.

Herzel, in Israel

The late Green '85 X1/9

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